All the tropical blooms…

All the beautiful flowers.

Perfect subjects. No effort, just beautiful.  Amazing how short their lives are, yet how they imprint on the heart and soul. Bloom mightily with every fiber of their being and then fade away.

Yet somehow if you capture that right moment, in their youth and beauty, nothing else matters after that. You don’t go back when they have withered and faded away. You never think what happens after their blooming days are over.

You look at that one perfect picture you took, the perfect lighting, the angle that was just right and with one click, their beauty was captured, forever frozen in time. And later, as you look at that picture, you remember the cool, gentle breeze that was blowing, the warm afternoon sunlight on your skin and the smell of wet soil from the midday rain.

In a way that’s how life should be. We capture our moments of beauty, freeze them forever in time. So that one day when we are old and waned, we look back at those beautiful moments and remember the breeze, the warmth and the sunlight.


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