Yes, weird name for a blog but who cares?

Hi! My name is Jana and I’m from Papua New Guinea . I like photography (even tho I’m hopeless at it), Physics,reading weird books, indie rock, Tim Burton Art, movies & whole bunch of other stuff.

This is a collection of my random thoughts and perspective on anything that propels me enough to start typing something, then proof read it, then check grammar and finally hit the publish button- whew!!  Hence the scary time-lapses between my posts.

Anyway, I’m new at this so please no judgement. Feel free to give me some hints to improve my site (coz I know it sucks) and  to comment on posts.

See you around!

PS: Can you guess where I got the idea for my blog name from?




One Comment Add yours

  1. You looked at the seam mirror and saw you as a mermaid… That’s the Other Jana


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